Hi, I’m Deb.

My passion is restoring stressed and burned-out people to vibrancy by equipping them with tools and strategies that help them feel better fast.

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Hi, I’m Deb.

My passion is restoring stressed and burned-out people to vibrancy by equipping them with tools and strategies that help them feel better fast.

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Break the stress-burnout cycle by cultivating a different relationship with stress.

Stress affects are different for everyone. We get so caught up in life, we don’t recognize that stress can be the driving force behind physical issues, emotional lability, or mental health challenges.  

If you are experiencing trouble sleeping, restless nights, racing thoughts, fatigue, irritability, headaches, or tension, it is time to use that information as fuel for change.   

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Regain the sparkle in your eyes and pep in your step today.

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Doing the same old thing, gets you the same old results.

Ready to engage in a training or mentoring program to build your stress management capabilities and create sustainable change?

Since everyone's relationship with stress is different, it is important to determine how stress is impacting you.

Before you choose the path that is best for you, you will take the Stress and Well-Being Assessment (SWBA). It measures four key dimensions of well-being: stress management, adaptability, resilience, and emotional vitality. Scores will help me to direct you to the best program for you and provide a quantifiable measure of growth after completing a training or mentoring program.


Build your toolkit of strategies to cope with stress

I teach individuals, groups, and organizations to be aware of the sneaky ways stress influences emotions and drains  energy. Understanding what stress does to a person’s biology and hormones, allows them the choice to change reactions to responses with tools from their toolkit.


Break old stress patterns for good

Trauma and life experiences can create patterns that keep us in a state of chronic stress. I mentor those who are ready to break old stress patterns, helping them gain the skills, tools, and habits to confidently prepare for stressful situations, shift and reset when they occur, and reduce stress triggers. We build tiny habits that develop resilience, restore energy and develop a new baseline.

De-Stress Sessions

Just need to unwind?

Relax and de-stress with a Healing Touch session. Healing Touch is a collection of energy healing techniques based on the work of Janet Mentgen, BSN, RN, and other well-known energy healing pioneers that help the body clear, balance and energize. Sessions held in the West Michigan area, are 50 minutes long, including aromatherapy and music to calm the mind and restore the spirit.

Not ready to book a call yet?


“When I met Deb, I was experiencing the most difficult thing I personally had ever gone through in my life. I wanted to understand myself better, and how the brain and heart ties into it all. I’ve learned so much about myself, what leads to anxiety attacks, stress, depression, and how it can overcome you. How adverse childhood experiences growing up impact who you are today. I went from depleting emotions like depression, agitation to renewing emotions like gratitude, compassion, joy, and thankfulness. I learned quick coherence techniques working on breathing and how to live in the present more. Anyone going through a tough time, I highly recommend Deb Timmerman. She will change your life forever in a positive way!”

- Eric K

"My life was stressful, but I wasn't dealing with it effectively, I was frustrated and overwhelmed. Deb and I met for 13 sessions where I learned how my brain works and she taught me several stress management tools and techniques. This helped me go from high stress and low energy to low stress and high energy levels. What a dramatic improvement in a short period of time! I will be forever grateful that a friend introduced me to Deb. If you are overwhelmed by stress, please schedule a consultation with Deb to learn more about her groundbreaking approach to stress management. You will be pleased you did!"

-Alix C

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I’ve been in your shoes, my story may not be the same as yours, but I understand how easy it is to go down the stress and burnout path. I have done it multiple times.  Recognizing and breaking those patterns changed my health, my relationships, and my life, so I’m passionate about sharing this health education with others.   

I live in West Michigan and share life with my husband, our blended family of 5 adult children, 10 delightful grandkids (ranging in age from babies to college age), and sweet little senior Jack Russell, Coco. In my leisure time, you can catch me cruising around the lake, cooking, hanging out with my grandkids, or golfing. I am a bit of a science geek and enjoy being a life-long learner! I love to follow stress science and the studies that explore the enormous potential of the human body to heal itself.

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