Yes! You can have Less Stress in Life.

Our specialty is restoring stressed and burned-out people to vibrancy and equipping them with resilience-building strategies to prevent relapse.

Every day, the amount of information we process is accelerating. The number of changes happening is exponential. Many of us are left wondering how to process and integrate them into our world, feeling overwhelmed with the pace, while wanting to make big changes in the way our world operates.

If you are experiencing trouble sleeping or restless nights, racing thoughts, fatigue or agitation, headaches, shoulder or neck tension, depression or anxiety, you may be experiencing the signs and symptoms of stress or burnout.

We can help! The framework for delivering and evaluating nursing care is around a systematic process with sequential steps. We have modeled our framework and pathway to mastering stress, in a sequential process as well. If it works, why reinvent the wheel? Following just four easy steps, you too can master stress. Learn more about the Less Stress in Life Pathway.

Stress and Resilience Coach

Deb Timmerman RN, DAIS, CSME, HMCT

Founder of Less Stress in Life.

HeartMath Certified Trainer
stress education


The world is a chaotic and uncertain place, and it is easy to get off-balance and off course. We offer several ways to get a handle on stress, find the balance and emotional poise to make good choices, and thrive in this world of rapid change.

I have been in the place of not showing up as my best self because I was just trying to keep myself from drowning under the pressures of life.

Once I was able to understand the stress reaction, stop the energy drains, and approach life with a fully charged battery, my relationships, and outlook on life changed in a positive way. Now, I spend my career teaching individuals and organizations, strategies to use stress to their advantage.

Spending the last several years taking a deep dive into stress and resilience science has allowed me to gain valuable education and build a network filled with stress experts, and assemble a team of certified coaches and trainers.

My education, training, and experience allowed me to earn the designation of Diplomate through the American Institute of Stress. That began with licensing as a Registered Nurse in the State of Michigan, becoming a Healing Touch Practitioner (Healing Beyond Borders), Synergy Certified Stress Mastery Educator, Certified HeartMath Trainer (Resilient Heart™ and Activating the Heart of Teams) and HeartMath Certified Trauma-Sensitive Practitioner. Additionally, I hold certifications in mindfulness and meditation education and Tai Chi Easy® Practice Leadership and am a Licensed Independent Stress Mastery Associate and Coach with Stressmaster International.

My training is important, but not as important as having walked a mile in your shoes. Take action, before the unthinkable happens.

StressMastery & Resilience Pathway

Everyone starts their stress recovery process from different places. Whether you’re one crisis from collapse or looking to hone your skill-set, we're here for you with evidence-based tools and strategies that restore energy reserves and build the resilience needed to thrive in the face of stress, challenge, or adversity.

1. Stress Evaluation

We highly recommend starting with a stress evaluation. Everyone's relationship with stress is different. Taking a validated stress assessment is like having lab work before seeing your doctor. It saves time and gives us a data point to begin from. The stress evaluation measures:

  • Stress Affects on Health
  • Stress Warning Signs
  • Stress Risk
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2. Training

Using HeartMath products, tools, and techniques are based on over 25 years of scientific research to bring your physical, mental, and emotional systems into coherent alignment.

  • Powerful Skill-sets
  • Conserve Precious Energy
  • Heart-focused
  • Enhanced problem-solving

3. Coaching

Getting control of stress can be complicated. Having a coach can equip you with insight on how to understand your triggers, and shift from reaction to response.

  • Understand Stress Concepts
  • Apply Tools and Strategies to Your Life
  • Regain a Sense of Control Over Your Life

4. Habits

Build lifelong stress mastery and resilience habits, using our Client Accountability App.

  • Daily Check-In Right From Your Phone
  • Interactive Online Content & Community
  • All in One Convenient Place

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