EP 28: Building a Social Support System with Guest Melissa Randall

Our mission is to give you tools and strategies that will help you move from being stressed to feeling your best.

Our guest Melissa Randall of Intentional Hope joins us for a discussion on building a social support system. Melissa is the founder of Intentional Hope, a personal growth and leadership development organization geared toward empowering women. She opened the door to Studio Hope in Charlotte, MI in November 2021.

She worked in medical administration positions for over 25 years, managing a large Orthopedic Group and a multidisciplinary provider group, providing ancillary services to residents in Michigan nursing home facilities. She believes in servant leadership and is a John Maxwell Certified Leadership team member.

Co -hosts Deb Timmerman and Barb Fletcher, are certified HeartMath® Trainers, and certified stress educators, who are skilled at helping people discover the power of living form the heart.  To take the Stress and Wellbeing Assessment in Canada, click here. To take the Stress and Wellbeing Assessment in the US, click here.

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