EP 31: Pressure Free Living with Elle Ingalls

Our mission is to give you tools and strategies that will help you move from being stressed to feeling your best.

Elle Ingalls, author of Pressure-Free Parenting: The Ten-Second Solution to Less Stress and Anxiety for High-Achieving Families is our guest this week. 

Elle is an international speaker, coach, professional violinist, conductor and founder of Pressure-Free Living. A former member of the Forbes Coaches Council, she has coached thousands of people from age 10 to 80. 

She holds a Bachelor of Musical Arts, a Master of Music, and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Michigan where she was the first woman admitted to the orchestral conducting program. 

Co -hosts Deb Timmerman and Barb Fletcher, are certified HeartMath® Trainers, and certified stress educators, who are skilled at helping people discover the power of living form the heart.  To take the Stress and Wellbeing Assessment in Canada, click here. To take the Stress and Wellbeing Assessment in the US, click here

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