EP 43: Shiatsu Massage for Stress Relief with Guest Raissa Chernushenko

Our guest this episode is Raissa Chernushenko a certified shiatsu massage therapist. She has been certified since 1994, and now offers an expansive list of holistic services and family wellness classes. She encourages her clients to regulate, and tune into their own bodies to achieve greater well-being. Her business Hand to Heart Being, promotes a threefold approach to health that addresses connecting through touch, ecologically conscious living, and healing practices. She feels strongly about the need to promote compassion through the Healthy Touch within our relationships from infancy through the senior years

In this episode Raissa shares what shiatsu is, how it differs from the massage we get at the spa, and how it can help us release and heal.

Co-hosts Deb Timmerman and Barb Fletcher are certified HeartMath® Trainers, and certified stress educators, who are skilled at helping people discover the power of living from the heart.  

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