EP 46: Hear a Photographer’s Journey from Deep Sleep to Gratitude

Our mission is to give you tools and strategies that will help you move from being stressed to feeling your best.

Gail Howarth, a long-time resident of West Michigan, is a storyteller and award-winning photographer joins is for a candid conversation on gratitude’s role in healing. 

Gail’s early work focused on her first love, nature. Her landscapes invite the viewer to take a break from the busyness of daily life. She hopes observers of her photos will experience a sense of calm, peace, or serenity. 

More recently, Gail has become interested in people, their stories, what divides us, and how to build bridges between those with vastly different backgrounds and belief systems. Gail’s ArtPrize project, A Time to Heal, and The Gratitude Project By Lakehouse Photo explore this concept in words and portraiture. She believes that to heal the divisiveness present in our society today, we must start by identifying and sharing our most common bonds. Only then will constructive conversations occur.

Co-hosts Deb Timmerman and Barb Fletcher are certified HeartMath® Trainers, and certified stress educators, who are skilled at helping people discover the power of living form the heart.  To take the Stress and Wellbeing Assessment in Canada, click here. To take the Stress and Wellbeing Assessment in the US, click here

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