EP 50: How to Decrease Holiday Clutter

Our mission is to give you tools and strategies that will help you move from being stressed to feeling your best.

Kim Sneath joined us to take about the stress of holiday clutter. Don’t miss her tips for clutter-free gift giving and reducing holiday overwhelm. About Kim: She is a Breakthrough Coach & Clutter Specialist.  She helps men and women eliminate overwhelm and get unstuck, by taking simple steps to achieve their goals and take control of their lives with ease.

She is a Certified Master Freedom Facilitator guiding every day people to unlock their potential for more; more clarity, more joy, and more freedom!!  Using powerful mindset and reframing tools, She helps her clients to breakthrough their limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging perspectives, that hold them back, releasing them from years of struggle. She has been inspiring her clients since 2007, to greater possibilities in their lifestyles and with their homes, families, and careers.

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