EP 51: Tools to Create a Strong Relationship

Our goal is to give you tools and strategies to help you move from being stressed to feeling your best.

Our guests today are Dr. Hollie Brown and her partner Keegan O’Guedes.

Our topic today is forging a heart-based relationship with your partner.  We speak with Dr Hollie and Keegan about using HeartMath tools together to deal with rapid change and post-pandemic stress and explore the benefits of using this amazing tool as a couple.

Keegan is a music producer, audio engineer, and DJ among many titles. He was born in Ontario and now lives in Fredericton, New Brunswick. His time in the music industry so far has led him to working with such brands as Netflix and McDonald’s.  Keegan has spent many years working with recording artists, one on one, to help them develop their music.

Dr. Hollie is a Family Chiropractic practicing in Fredericton. She believes we’re all born with the innate intelligence within us and has a passion for helping people heal and thrive from the inside out. Her practice focuses on perinatal, pediatric, and women’s health. While attending chiropractic school in Toronto, she met her best friend and partner Keegan. Today they enjoy traveling spending time in nature camping and practicing yoga.

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