EP 52: Goals, Working with the End in Mind

Guest Lisa Fisher helps us wrap the 52 Practical Tools for Less Stress in Life series talking about strategies and hacks for successful goal setting. If you’re thinking about where you want to go next year, or five years down the road, be sure to tune in.

She’s the owner of Lisa Fisher and Associates. Lisa provides customized training and coaching packages focused on professional growth and development. She specializes in maximizing productivity, focusing on priorities and leadership. Her goal is to help her clients achieve their definition of success by providing the tools, resources and accountability to get there.

She’s a principal investor of the Lansing, Michigan Keller Williams franchise and provides coaching and training to CFOs and business leaders with Keller Williams International across the US and Canada. Lisa has a strong foundational platform for helping others. She is also the founder and co-host of Adventures in Business, a podcast where Lansing Michigan based entrepreneurs and nonprofits shamelessly plug themselves and their business.

Co -hosts Deb Timmerman and Barb Fletcher, are certified HeartMath® Trainers, and certified stress educators, who are skilled at helping people discover the power of living form the heart.  To take the Stress and Wellbeing Assessment in Canada, click here. To take the Stress and Wellbeing Assessment in the US, click here.

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