Rejuvenate your body and mind with Reflexology.

Welcome to Wellness Wednesday, a space to learn about natural health tools and interventions that support body, mind and spirit. The tools are simple, portable, and can be used anywhere.

This week’s wellness tool comes from my ear reflexology toolbox. Ear Reflexology or auricular therapy has roots that go all the way back to Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine. Ear points are most commonly used in the United States for auricular acupuncture, to help with detoxing from alcohol and drugs, and for smoking cessation. But research shows the use of auricular points have other benefits including relaxation, pain relief and improved sleep quality.

The Shen Men point is located towards the lower portion of the triangular fossa. You can check out the location in this two-minute video The Shen Men point tranquilizes the mind and allows connection to one’s spirit. It is one of five Master Points, meaning that they are used in almost all ear reflexology sessions because of their potential health benefits.

The Shen Men point is used to reduce stress, pain, tension, anxiety and other symptoms of unease. It’s also good for inflammatory diseases. Massage the point using your index finger and thumb or by applying pressure to the point with your index finger. You can do both ears at the same time. The video demonstrates how to use the fingers to apply pressure. Don’t forget to breath while you are holding reflexology points to bring oxygenated blood to the area you are working.

Hold the point for a minute or two. Use your body’s feedback as a guide. You many increasing or decreasing pressure to your comfort level.

I’d love to hear about your experience using the Shen Men Point. Email me at and share your experience. Live in West Michigan and want to experience a reflexology session? You can book your appointment here.

About the Author: Deb Timmerman, RN, DAIS, CSME, HMCT is the Chief Resilience Officer of Deb Timmerman and Associates, a firm helping people prepare for, recover from, and adapt in the face of stress, challenge, or adversity. She specializes in burnout prevention and recovery and rapid stress relief. She holds multiple certifications in complementary therapies and is certified in face and ear reflexology. This blog is intended for general education. While ear reflexology may provide benefits, it is not a substitute for conventional medical treatment. If you have a medical or mental health condition you should consult a medical professional.