Dr. Jeep and Vanessa Naum: Taking the Stress Out of Marriage

Less Stress In Life Podcast co-host Barb Fletcher and I recently sat down with Dr. George Naum and his wife, Vanessa Naum, MBA for a chat on richer, less stressful marital relationships. Dr Jeep and Vanessa have been doing marriage coaching for 27 years, and specialize in helping physician couples save their marriages, families, and […]

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Functional Medicine Approach to Stress with Dr. Laura DeCesaris

Dr Laura DeCesaris, a functional medicine doctor who serves as a health and performance coach for busy driven women joined us for a bonus episode of the Less Stress In Life podcast recently to talk about a functional medicine approach to stress, the effects of stress hormones on other parts of the hormonal system and […]

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Nicole Campbell

Positivity in the Face of Suffering and Challenge

The best way to drive home a point is through the sharing of stories. This week on the Less Stress in Life Podcast, we finished a 4-part series on resilience. Physical resilience, emotional resilience, mental resilience, and spiritual resilience each had their own episode.  You can click on this link or find it on your […]

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Ignoring Little Messages Leads to Big Consequences.

One of the common statistics we hear often from the American Institute of Stress is, how many of our visits to a physician are stress related. Research says 75 to 90% of all the physical stuff we go to the doctor for is rooted in stress. We had already become numb to stress signals in […]

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Scott Grant, MD MPH

Doc on a Mission: Helping Parents Break the Trauma Cycle

Scott Grant, MD., MPH joined us for a conversation on childhood trauma, how he approaches incorporating trauma-informed care into his practice, the transformational power of parenthood and his new Docs2Dads podcast. Dr. Grant is a Board-Certified pediatrician who works in primary care and hospital pediatrics in Southeast Michigan. Professionally, Dr. Grant is interested in learning […]

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