3. Coaching

We specialize in tools and strategies to calm the nervous system, reduce energy drains, and enhance the heart-brain connection. We use HeartMath® tools and technology as the foundation for our coaching services. We believe everyone has the innate ability to heal when we can downshift, synchronize the brain and heart, and connect to our inner wisdom.  In this time of unprecedented and rapid change don’t let external events and circumstances define you or your future.

Our goal for coaching relationships is to create a safe space and a healing environment, to guide you through the process of:

Determining your stress starting point using the Stress Mastery Questionnaire and listening to your story.

Developing your toolbox with evidence-based approaches and strategies to help you feel better quickly with training and skill-building.

Discovering the power of using stress as information and to your advantage, by helping you understand how the brain responds to stress, and ways to shift out of automatic responses and patterns.

Doing the work of integrating intelligent energy management strategies into your daily routine. Building habits that sustain you for the long haul, so you can achieve the outcomes you desire and have less stress in life.

Determine. Develop. Discover. Do.

1:1 Coaching Packages

Stress Mastery Basics Package

This 6-session package is designed for the adult who is looking to explore options for managing stress, anxiety, or performance issues.  

Participants leave with an understanding of basic stress mastery concepts, a personal stress mastery plan, and a toolbox of resilience-building strategies and interventions.   

Stress Mastery Intensive Package

This 13-session package is designed for the adult who is ready to take control and make sustainable life changes. We take a deep dive into how stress is affecting health, relationships, work-life-family stability, and dig into stress triggers and old beliefs that may be influencing your ability to manage stress and reach your full potential.  We walk through how stress impacts health, design a personal stress mastery plan that identifies and releases blocks, and helps use stress to your advantage. This is the most appropriate package for those with chronic pain or traumatic life experiences and includes a combination of education, coaching, and stress reduction therapies. Clients receive The Inner Balance™ Trainer biofeedback device. Sessions are held weekly for the first 4 weeks, then 1-4 weeks.

Laser Focused 1:1

Group Coaching

Less Stress in Life Burnout Prevention Academy

Less Stress in Life Online Small Group Coaching

An annual plan of individualized, problem-focused short sessions that are broken into bite-sized pieces for those who want 1:1 coaching in a budget-friendly.

Small groups make coaching affordable, and help create a support system as you grow together. Groups start monthly, and run for a minimum of 3 months.

Free or Low-Cost Workshops

We offer 1-2 free workshops per month on a variety of stress concepts and resilience concepts for women. Check our events page for upcoming events or join our Facebook Group


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