The Less Stress in Life Pathway

begins with determining just how stress is impacting you.

Stress Assessment

Everyone's relationship with stress is different. Taking a validated stress assessment is like having lab work before seeing your doctor. It saves time and gives us a beginning data point.

The Stress Mastery Questionnaire™ (SMQ), a scientifically developed self-assessment tool to provides clear and precise information about how stress is affecting you. The SMQ has been administered over 600,000 times in 15 different countries. It is the only stress assessment to be awarded the American Institute of Stress Certified Product Seal.

The SMQ evaluates stress warning signs, stress effects and other key indicators, which helps determine the best training, technology, coaching or mentoring plan for you.


Tune into this episode of the #LessStressInLife podcast to learn more about the SMQ from creator, Stress Psychologist, James Petersen, Ph.D.