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This Week's Featured #LessStressInLife Podcast Guest:

Patti Smith

Patti Smith is an Intuitive Life/Business Success Coach and the Owner of Your Dream Genie. She has been called a "Practical Mystic" who integrates intuition, energy and spiritual practices with the systems, tools and techniques she teaches her clients. Patti loves working with inspired, inquisitive, heart-and-soul led business women so they can rise, shine and soar. She teaches her clients about the Energy of Money and helps them design and run 'conscious' businesses that create wealth and impact today and leave a legacy for tomorrow! Available 5/5/2021

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Past Episodes:

We have both experienced burnout while working in the healthcare industry. In this episode, we share how our experiences changed our career paths and our vision for the Less Stress In Life Podcast.

With more than a decade of working in school systems supporting students, educators, and parents, the impact of trauma became a familiar and frequent visitor in SaraJane's Life. So she founded Rising Resilient, and became a change agent. We discuss her newly released book, Don't Just Survive, Thrive, and the concept of collective change starting within our own being.

Michelle Butt holds an Honours BA in Linguistics from The University of Toronto, is a Master Coach and a Facial Intelligence Expert. After 10+ years of studying human communication and creating the Facial Intelligence™ body of work, Michelle has come to know a thing or two about how and what drives people and will share what the face reveals.

Alix Criswell has been in real estate since January 2010 and joined Patriot Realty in July of that year. She specializes in residential real estate, helping clients buy their primary residences or investment homes.

Alix joined us to share her journey with the decluttering process, how it fueled focus, increased productivity, and gave her emotional freedom to take on 2021. Airs 4/7/21

Lisa is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. In this episode, we explore the concept of self-healing and how it impacts both the mind and body.

We also chat about how genetics, environmental factors, underlying triggers, physiological stressors, lifestyle choices lead to a state of dis-ease.

Declutter Expert

Clutter Clearing Coach Conny Graf works with people who work from home to declutter their homes, offices, files, and finances. In this episode, Conny shares her approach to habits and systems that prevent the chaos of clutter from controlling life. Airs 4/14/21

Leslie Fiorenzo is the founder of CoachwithLeslie.com, a coaching and training company focused on helping teams work together more effectively and productively. She helps organizations eliminate toxicity by creating a drama-free workplace.

In this episode, she shares the keys to Making Difficult Conversations Easy, whether at home or in the workplace. Airs 4/27/21

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