Could team member stress levels be putting your organization at risk for decisions that could lead to catastrophic losses?

Could team member stress levels be putting your organization at risk for decisions that could lead to catastrophic losses?

Our Mission

Job stress is the source of more health complaints than financial or family problems. We specialize in tools to help individuals repair and recover from stress BEFORE the load becomes unbearable.

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Our Approach

We believe staff who possess the skills to regulate and maintain emotional vitality bring their best selves to their positions of service. They have stronger relationships with coworkers and the community and go back to their families with the energy to engage in meaningful family life.

Our Team

Experience-driven collaboration is at the heart of what we do.

Our team of cross-disciplinary leaders bring a unique perspective to stress and resilience training, having served in healthcare and public service from both the frontlines and leadership positions.

We understand the challenges faced by those in the field, from pre-hospital care to hospice, because we've been there ourselves. During our own recovery, we acquired certifications in numerous stress and resilience programs. We have the expertise and experience to guide individuals towards optimal wellness.

Our Process


Do you know which members of your team are at risk for stress-related illness and breakdown? Our online assessment allows individuals to evaluate their stress load in total privacy.


Skill Building

We use evidence-based scientifically researched tools to give individuals and teams the necessary skills to shift out of flight-fight mode, reduce energy drains, and reset from stressful events in real time.


Our tech allows users to monitor their physiological responses in real time. This feedback can help individuals learn and refine their stress management skills. 



Technology provides built-in accountability with data tracking, skill reminders, and support programming.



Post-assessment evaluations show measurable growth and return on investment. Stress reduction begins in week one in just minutes a day.



Your team members get the support they need to make new habits stick. Instructors are just a call, email, or text away.


The Commitment To Our Mission

"I wish I had found these tools earlier in my public safety career. They have been instrumental in reducing my stress levels and replenishing my energy and emotional vitality. So, it is my personal commitment to share the profound impact of these tools within our profession.

In the same way, we equip ourselves with tangible tools to preserve lives, it is equally vital to prioritize and embrace tools that nurture our mental well-being. In acknowledging the unique challenges we face it becomes imperative to leverage every available resource and strategic approach to ensure the resilience and emotional well-being of our dedicated public service community."

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Brian Stalsonburg
Public Safety Team Liaison

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