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It’s easy to lose yourself in today’s fast-paced world but living in a time of rapid change doesn’t mean you have to spend it exhausted, overwhelmed, and anxious. Invest in yourself and transform your relationship with stress.

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De-Stress Sessions

Just need to unwind?

Relax and de-stress with a Healing Touch session.

Book a session for relaxing, restoring, and rejuvenating vital energy stores. Healing Touch uses the gift of light touch to influence the energy field surrounding the body. It controls the flow from the energy field to the physical body. Reflexology is a type of massage that involves applying different amounts of pressure to the feet, ears, and head. Reduces stress and fatigue, and restores at the cellular level.

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HeartMath® Skills Training

Gain the skills to increase well-being, personal and professional performance, and quality of life.

The Resilience Advantage™ and Activating the Heart of Teams™ are HeartMath® programs filled with research-based self-regulation tools and strategies that increase composure before, during, and after high-pressuring situations. In today’s world, emotional regulation, clarity, and poise are essential skills in everyone’s toolbox. 

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Gathering a group for a conference or event?

Stress affects everyone.

An introduction to stress awareness and building
personal resilience is a fun and engaging way to educate participants at any gathering. Participants always leave with a tool or strategies they can use immediately following the presentation to enjoy less stress in their life. I speak on a variety of topics related to stress, burnout, trauma, community resilience, adverse childhood events, and more. I've been asked to speak for various organizations like Boys & Girls Clubs of Grand Rapids, Metro Health Hospital, and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

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My Stress Mastery Intensive

Take control of stress and make sustainable life changes.

Take control of stress and make sustainable life changes with a one-on-one mentoring relationship designed to take a deep dive into how stress is affecting health, relationships, and work-life-family harmony. We explore your stress triggers and identify the best tool for each situation. At the end of our time together, you will have a personal toolkit of daily stress care habits that are sustainable, and you are confident in using.

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Attend a Masterclass

Change your relationship with stress with tools and strategies you can use immediately!

Masterclass workshops teach you how to prepare for, and recover from stress, overwhelm, and burnout with tools from HeartMath's Coherence Advantage™ Program.

Leave with tools and strategies you can use immediately to decrease stress.

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You must choose to take a chance if you want anything to change.

If you ignore the signs and symptoms of stress, they just get louder, or you can develop stress-related illnesses like cardiovascular disease.


“I came to Deb with chronic stress that was causing physical symptoms and was impacting the relationships in my life. I felt carried away by emotion more often than not and didn’t have tools in my tool belt to manage everyday life.  This program is perfect for everyone. I came to Deb with tons of stress, but the reality is that everyone needs tools to manage the day-to-day stress of life. I learned ways to manage stress on a daily basis, make better, more centered decisions, and live from a calmer space instead of complete frenzy.  I really wish that everyone could use these tools and feel as good as I do now.”

- Kendra L