diagram of an ear showing where the thalamus pain point reflex is near the ear lobe

Chronic Pain a Challenge? Try Ear Reflex Points.

Chronic pain a challenge? Try Ear Reflexology for Relief. If you deal with chronic pain, having tools to help you manage is a must. So, Iā€™m sharing an ear reflex point to help tame that beast.   The reflex point […]

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woman pressuring points on her face to relieve sinus pressure

Get Rid of Sinus Congestion

It is the time of year when Mother Nature can’t make up her mind about the weather. I live in Michigan. You may have seen the meme about Michigan dishing up three seasons in one day. It’s no joke, and […]

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man sitting against a wall looking sad and overwhelmed

Too Tired and Stressed to Connect?

It seems like low libido has been a comment complaint among friends and clients. Today’s video addresses the common causes of a low sex drive. It is influenced by a variety of factors, such as hormones, stress levels, emotional state, […]

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nose and mouth with arrows to show pressure points

Digestive Support for Traveling

Last year on our golf trip, the ladies were whispering about constipation and dragging out the laxatives. While not a subject that most people want to discuss, Constipation while traveling can be uncomfortable. It can be caused by a variety […]

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diagram of a woman showing pressure points near her lip

Wellness Wednesday Support Adrenal Health

Adrenal glands are small, triangular-shaped glands located on top of both kidneys that produce hormones that help regulate your metabolism, immune system, blood pressure, and response to stress. The face points are located in the middle of a diagonal line […]

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woman sitting in a chair with her arms up cradling her head looking joyful

Find Zen with these Face Points

The solar plexus has two points on the face that help with downshifting. The first we cover in the last video, the tranquilizer point. You can find that point in line with the front of the tragus, the little nob […]

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woman performing energy balancing and reflexology on mans head

Use the Tranquilizer Point to Help Relax

Having trouble relaxing? Try a little acupressure on the tranquility or tranquilizer point as a natural tool to decrease anxiety and promote relaxation. It is one of two solar plexus points. It is found on the ear, just in front […]

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man massaging ears demonstrating ear reflexology

Rejuvenate your body and mind with Reflexology.

Welcome to Wellness Wednesday, a space to learn about natural health tools and interventions that support body, mind and spirit. The tools are simple, portable, and can be used anywhere. This week’s wellness tool comes from my ear reflexology toolbox. […]

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Dr. Jeep and Vanessa Naum: Taking the Stress Out of Marriage

Less Stress In Life Podcast co-host Barb Fletcher and I recently sat down with Dr. George Naum and his wife, Vanessa Naum, MBA for a chat on richer, less stressful marital relationships. Dr Jeep and Vanessa have been doing marriage […]

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Functional Medicine Approach to Stress with Dr. Laura DeCesaris

Dr Laura DeCesaris, a functional medicine doctor who serves as a health and performance coach for busy driven women joined us for a bonus episode of the Less Stress In Life podcast recently to talk about a functional medicine approach […]

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Nicole Campbell

Positivity in the Face of Suffering and Challenge

The best way to drive home a point is through the sharing of stories. This week on the Less Stress in Life Podcast, we finished a 4-part series on resilience. Physical resilience, emotional resilience, mental resilience, and spiritual resilience each […]

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Ignoring Little Messages Leads to Big Consequences.

One of the common statistics we hear often from the American Institute of Stress is, how many of our visits to a physician are stress related. Research says 75 to 90% of all the physical stuff we go to the […]

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